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Hamamelis Rapid Repair Booster - 3mL x 15

Hamamelis Rapid Repair Booster - 3mL x 15

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Good effect with the derma needle roller.

The Hamamelis Rapid Repair Booster is an instant, cooling sensation that offers a hydrating formula that repairs the water balance back to the skin. A unique blend of botanical elements, (honeysuckle flower, agastache rugosa flower and lemon flower), help with anti-inflammation. Combining witch hazel and chamomilla soothe the skin while cucumber and aloe hydrate and moisturize. This combination of ingredients revitalizes the entire complexion of your skin.

Skin Types: Best suited for all skin types. For best results, use this booster with a derma needle roller.

Capacity: 0.1 oz /3mL x 15
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